Tips for At-Home Wound Care (and Signs That You Should Seek Help)

Most of us will experience some sort of burn, abrasion, or cut at some point in time in our lives. And while some injuries are minor and can easily be treated at home, others require treatment and attention from a specialist. Knowing exactly what to do to take care of your wound is important if […]

Why Isn’t My Wound Healing? It May Be Time for a Specialist

Whether they’re cuts, burns, punctures or abrasions, we’ve all experienced wounds of various severities in our lives. And, most often, some immediate first aid coupled with the passing of time leads us down the healing path many of us have come to expect. But occasionally — perhaps seemingly out of the blue — one may […]

Preventing Pressure Injuries from Prone Positioning

As medical experts continue to grow their knowledge base of the most effective ways to treat patients with COVID-19, wound healing specialists are there to help identify and address both short- and long-term safety concerns that arise from such treatments. For example, studies have shown that coronavirus patients who lie face-down in what’s called a […]

When to Refer a Patient to a Wound Healing Specialist

Chronic wounds affect approximately 8.2 million people in the United States (Nussbaum et al., 2018) and their incidence is expected to rise due to an aging population and risk factors such as diabetes and obesity increasing in our nation. Severe disabilities may result due to chronic wounds despite the best care delivered, and it has […]